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    All About Aquarius


    Jun 21-Feb 18

    Aquarius has a very strong and dominant personality. Above all things, this sign seeks the truth. Aquarians are tolerant to every point of view, and can see both sides of an argument. They are independent, and from time to time it is their nature to seek out alone time. On the other hand, Aquarians can be true extroverts. Their great desire to help humanity enables them to make friends very easily. But their high-minded personal ideals and values make them overly demanding of others. If they become disappointed in someone, they can never truly forgive or forget. They are, by nature, very tolerant, so they can learn to be more forgiving if they so choose.

    Aquarians tend to have high expectations of their friends – they seek out people who, like them, have deep integrity, are honest, and are intellectually inclined. They look for the same things in their family members, and they will form the deepest bonds with those who match those criteria. Although this sign is dedicated to family, that is not a guarantee that they will form a close bond with all family members. As a parent, Aquarius expects a lot and is often a strict taskmaster when it comes to discipline and drawing the line. With an Aquarian’s own parents, the bond could be extremely strong or not, depending on the level of understanding between them. The same goes for this sign’s sibling relationships – if they are kindred spirits, the bond will run strong and deep.

    Having a sensitive and attuned personality, Aquarians often fear of being vulnerable, and so it may take a very long time for them to open up and allow a relationship to develop. Aquarians have high standards for their romantic partners, and they set the bar impossibly high at times. Many see them as too picky and not open enough to the possibilities, but they are only that way because they place such high value on quality and integrity. But once an Aquarian’s heart is open, it is a love that can last a lifetime. When Aquarius reaches a level of trust and acceptance, there is nothing this sign won’t do for love.

    Aquarians enjoy work that allows them to tap into and show off their intellectual prowess. They enjoy learning, and so any field that involves continued learning is highly desirable. People of this sign love to develop ideas and concepts, and they are happiest when there are few restrictions so they can allow their creative minds soar. Also, being great humanitarians, Aquarius people often gravitate to careers that allow them to help others in some way.

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