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    It depends on what is your preferred outcome. The general idea on how each of the occult works and how it can help you is as,Numerology – It is best to know yourself. Your strengths, weaknesses, nature and compatibility. It is effective in giving accurate solutions with regards to business and finances. However weak at predicting the future.Astrology – Astrology provides a fair idea of the highlights of your life. The time frames of highs and lows are pretty accurate.Tarot – It provides clarity when one is confused about a decision in life or next course of action. Pretty accurate in the short term.

    Astrology is a tool to understand and follow the right path of life. It cannot change the destiny, but some remedies can rectify the past mistakes and speed up the process.

    Besides astrology , tarot reading, numerology, Vaastu and counselling services, we also provide the facility for buying Rudraksha, Gemstones, Crystal, Parad, Yantra locket, Rosary and much more.

    Yes, there is a subscription model available called daily remedies package . This is highly effective model. We provide daily tips for the members. These tips have proven to help in the long run to our multiple clients.

    Daily remedies are small tips and methods that help with positive karma in our daily lives. These remedies are not just limited to wearing stone, crystals but also involve doing good deeds like, helping someone needy, feeding stray animals, planting trees, meditation. These deeds help in increasing positive vibrations which further helps in changing our course.

    Yes, your personal details are in safe hands. Chaalchakra ensures customer confidentiality. We never share the personal details to any other parties.

    For astrology and numerology, Date of Birth and time of birth is needed. For Tarot reading, there are no specific details required as cards have to be picked up according one’s vibrations<br /> One of the most important aspect is to ensure you have a calm and composed mind during your session, as vibrations play a key role in predictions.

    It is suggested to attend a session alone so as to maintain privacy and confidentiality. However, any sessions for relationships counselling is beneficial when attended with one’s partner.

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