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    All About Libra


    Sep 23-Oct 22

    Libra ♎️ are elegant and charming, with a great love of beauty and harmony. They know how to appreciate the various pleasures of life, and they are naturally kind. Because they are even-tempered, they can be very social and diplomatic, and they are one of the most empathetic of the signs. In their everlasting search for balance, they can appear to be indecisive. The truth is that Libras loathe the conflicts in life and by pleasing everybody they try to achieve peace and harmony. Libras are the ultimate team players, always functioning better when they are paired up with the right partner.

    Libra is often the peacemaker in any family situation. People of this sign are gifted at understanding very diverse viewpoints and seeing everyone’s side of a story. They are excellent mediators, and they are exceptionally good at blending in with every member of the family and understanding what makes each of them special and unique. This makes Libra very popular at family gatherings! As a parent, Libra takes great care not to favor one child over another and is, therefore, a balanced and respected parent whose children are secure in knowing they are truly loved. With Libra’s own parents, this sign shows equal devotion and – when there is a favorite – it is not made obvious for fear of hurting the feelings of the other. As a sibling, Libra is attentive and compassionate, which makes him a great best friend.

    Libra people are in love with love – that’s the best way to describe their intense fascination with romance. They fall in love easily and perhaps too often, and this sometimes leads to disappointment and disillusion. Libra needs to work at being more objective when it comes to love, viewing potential partners in a more practical way. For instance, if Libra is swept away by someone’s outward appearance, they have to also stop and ask themselves if this person offers traits, interests, and characteristics that will blend well with their own.

    Libra people are diplomatic, well-liked, and often quite popular among co-workers, bosses, or subordinates. Libras don’t like work environments that involve complicated politics or chaos and conflicts. They are most at ease in a creative setting or one where their talent for diplomacy and mediation can be put to good use. Libra is a great team player and resents anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of the team spirit. Libras who are introverts might do great work on their own and actually would prefer some degree of isolation while working but will still immensely benefit from the overall creative surrounding environment, which provides them with fresh ideas and challenges them.

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