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    All About Pisces


    Feb 18-Mar 19

    Pisceans are able to adapt emotionally to any environment. Their symbol is a pair of fishes, one swimming above the other in the opposite direction. Likewise, they possess some duality in their personalities. On the one hand, they can be kind, compassionate, sensitive, and very understanding. But at the same time, Pisces people like to keep their true emotions under wraps, placing great focus on their inner journey. Pisceans are very easy-going, and they would rather wait for their problems to sort themselves out than pushing to actively solve them prematurely.

    Pisces is very affected by environment. A warm, cozy ambience that reflects this sign’s individuality makes for a happy, well-adjusted fish. But when Pisces dwells in a living situation that is less than ideal, and not a source of strength, security and comfort, then it can significantly affect their mood and relationships. Pisces needs to create a home environment that is a safe haven to thrive and flourish – that’s a priority for this sign. The happy Fish has excellent family relationships. As a parent, Pisces is warm, caring, and very involved. This sign is an excellent son or daughter as well, always interested in a parent’s happiness. As a brother or a sister, Pisces often takes the role of the confidante and/or the mediator between siblings.

    Pisces is a gentle, kind, nurturing and highly intuitive sign. These characteristics go a long way to strengthen any romantic relationship. When Pisces person is in love, it is all hearts and flowers. This person is great at self-expression and is very demonstrative and affectionate. In a good, strong relationship with a solid foundation, this is fabulous. But Pisces also lives to please and to be well-thought-of. That tendency can lead to being taken advantage of in matters of the heart when a partner does not appreciate all of which this sign has to offer. Pisces needs to work at not being impulsive in relationships. They need to take the time to really know someone before jumping into a more serious relationship. A slowly built romance is one that could last a lifetime.

    The Pisces person really needs to choose a career out of passion, or restlessness could easily set in. This creative sign has a deep need to be self-expressive through work and becomes bored quickly if that doesn’t exist. Without that element, Pisces gets distracted and may wind up feeling lost. A keen imagination is the hallmark of this mystical sign, and the ability to dream and to create makes this person someone who would do well in a career that does not have traditional boundaries.

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