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Benefits of 1 mukhi Rudrarakhsa:-

– One mukhi rudrarakhsa helps to improve health , wealth & brings name & fame in the society

– It gives lot of clarity in Mind

– It removes all type of bad dosh in the kundali i.e Manglik Dosha , Pitra Dosha , Kaal sarp dosh .

-1 mukhi Rudrarakhsa increases concentration & confidence

-It help in removing past life karma

-The ruling planet for 1 mukhi rudrarakhsa is Planet Sun to remove malefic effect of planet sun wear 1 mukhi rudrarakhsa

– 1 mukhi rudrarakhsa is best for people looking for government job , Politicians , leadership role & administrative job etc.


How to wear one Faced Rudrarakhsa ?

We will sent you energised rudrarakhsa but you have follow the given steps for the best results

Wear 1 mukhi rudrarakhsa on Sunday morning during sunrise

Wear 1 Mukhi Rudraksha in silk or red wool fabric around your neck . Make sure the bead touches your skin so it is active and functional on the particular area.

Chant ‘ Om Namah’or ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ & “Om Ghrini Aditya Namaha “108 Times daily in morning during sunrise & sunset .

1 review for 1 mukhi rudrarakhsa

  1. 5 out of 5


    Thanks chaalchakra team for your kind support . I buyed this for my wife she was going through major heath issues now she is feeling much better after wearing this . Thanks Swaati for guiding us Go bless you always

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