Benefits of wearing 5 mukhi Rudrarakhsa:-

1- The 5 mukhi Rudraksha holds a lot of significance because it is believed that this Rudraksha type is blessed by Lord Shiva Himself in the form of Lord Kalagni Rudra. When a wearer wears this Rudraksha with a lot of devotion and sincerity, all his/her sins are washed away. Controlled by the planet Jupiter, this Rudraksha is often addressed as Devguru, Guru of all Devas.

2- Wearing this Rudraksha type around your heart area is considered to be most beneficial and aids in controlling heart related ailments, tensions, anxieties, blood pressures etc.


Who can wear 5 mukhi Rudrarakhsa ?

1-Those born on 3, 12, 21, 30 of any month are known as people with number 3 in numerology and must wear 5 Mukhi Rudraksha as these people are governed by Jupiter. This 5 Mukhi Rudraksha enhance there luck .

2- People who are facing problem in getting suitable life partner.

3- People who are facing problem in married life.

4- If someone looking for Knowledge, wisdom & wealth can wear 5 mukhi rudrarakhsa.


How To Use ?

1.This sacred bead should be worn at all times.

2.The bead should not come in-contact with hot water and soap.

3.When not worn, the Rudraksha should be kept on a white or undyed cotton, silk or any natural fabric.


How to Energised Rudrarakhsa?

1. We will be sending you energised rudrarakhsa but you have to energised it once in every month by your own.

2. Soak it in ghee for 24 hrs and then directly soak it in full fat cow milk for the next 24 hrs, after which you can smear it with Chandan.

3.Doing this will make sure you enjoy the benefits of this original Himalayan wonder for a long time to come.


Do’s and Don’t’s while wearing Rudrarakhsa

1. One should not wear the Rudraksha before the bath and even should not touch it with dirty hands.

2.The wearer of the Rudraksha must avoid eat non vegetarian food and should not take alcohol. He should speak truth always and must visit Lord Shiva temple for his blessings.

3.Rudraksha should never ever be carried to the cremation and funeral ground. Even during the birth of new born or where new baby is born the rudraksh should be avoided there as well.

4.One should never wear the Rudraksha while having intercourse.

5.Women must not wear the Rudraksha during their periods or when they are having their menstrual cycle.


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