One of the top stones for crystal healing because it is such a strong protector.

Transmutes negative energy so that energy is freed up to support your highest good.

Carrying Black Tourmaline tumbles is a good idea for empaths who tend to pick up other people’s energy.

Helps you keep your energetic boundaries and can purify any stray energy that comes your way.

As a first chakra stone, Black Tourmaline is for grounding and balancing of the emotions and helps you stay centered and calm and able to deal with your life as it comes.

If you tend to worry and stress out about life, it can help you find a more even-keel emotional state and establish it as your new set-point.



How To Use :-

Place it in your drawing room or carry it in your pocket/bag/purse to utilize the optimum energies of the tumbles.


Note :

Set of 2 Tumbles is INR 555/-

Since our products go through 3 step healing process when you order them, they are non returnable.


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