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Career success is a combination of achieving a reasonable level of financial stability while doing work you enjoy and then finding that you are also happy and fulfilled with your life and career choices as well. If you love your job but find that it doesn’t lead to financial self-sufficiency, career success is diminished, and if you get paid very well but lack joy or interest in your chosen career field, career success is diminished. True career success requires that there is alignment between the two.


This bracelet consists of Citrine , green aventurine Carnelian Crystal Beads.



Citrine brings favorable luck and good karma as well. It is a head stone of creative mind, appearance and individual will. It is a stone for new beginnings, new pursuits, and joy throughout everyday life.

The glad lively stone is known to carry satisfaction to everybody’s life. It discharges outrage, negative sentiments, profound situated feelings of dread, damaging propensities and is great to conquer gloom.

Citrine supports imagination and self-articulation. It raises confidence and permits the wearer to push ahead hopefully.

It is a charm for the individuals who are underconfident and unstable throughout everyday life.

Citrine draws in progress: Citrine is known as Merchant’s stone or Success stone. It’s difficult helps with gaining abundance yet in addition helps in keeping up with it. It is a stone of wealth.


  1. 5 out of 5

    Ajay Khandelwal

    I am really satisfied with this Braclet . Quality is very good & Swaati maam guided so well how to wear this Braclet for growth in career I got promotion in 2 months . Thanks Maam for this Braclet

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