Are you ready for money to flow into your life?

Well, this is the crystal pack is for you! Oh, you also need to repeat the mantra, ” I am a money magnet.” This crystal pack includes:

Tiger’s Eye, which is perfect for good luck, and it has the power to focus the mind, while promoting mental clarity, and assisting us to resolve problems and issues.

Citrine is an abundance and manifestation crystal. It will bless your business and help you walk into your prosperity.

Aventurine is perfect for attracting prosperity, good luck, and encourages empathy through leadership.

Clear Quartz points are perfect for amplifying energy. This is the Master Healer crystal and can help you do any and all things!


How To Use :

Place it in your drawing room or carry it in your pocket/bag/purse to utilize the optimum energies of the tumbles.


It will take 4-5 business days (within India) for delivery. Delivery may take longer during holidays / special occasions / any time to time Govt. restriction


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