Leo zodiac sign is ruled by Sun. Some prominent traits that describe the Leo born are dignified status, majesty, loyalty, boastfulness, arrogance and romantic outlook. Leo born persons are born leaders who can easily inspire the masses by their magnetic personality. These are magnanimous individuals who exhibit a strong sense of optimism in all their dealings.


Lucky Crystal For Leo Rashi is peridot. Benifts of wearing it

1-Wearing peridot brings peace of mind. The concentration of the mind increases. The person is able to focus on his goal.

21Wearing Peridot makes a person money minded. Deep thinking about his economy develops in his mind, so that he grows on the path of economic prosperity.

3-The aura of the person who wears peridot ends the defects of aura, due to which other people are influenced by him and respect him.

4-Peridot creates attraction in personality. Such a person becomes the favorite of many people.


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